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1-Acre Farmer
Adolescent Health Kit
Agriculture Training
Baby Scale
Bee Smoker
Buzzy Bundle
Church in Community
Clean up after a Disaster
Community Health Volunteer Training
Demonstration Farm Plot
Drip Irrigation
Dry Season Vegetable Growing
Emergency Food for Disaster Survivors
Emergency Kit
Family-Sized Water Filter
Free A Family Asia
Free A Family East Africa
Free A Family Latin America
Free A Family Southern Africa
Free A Family West Africa
Friendship Pack
Galangal Growing
Goats and Quackers
Handwashing Station
Healthy Baby Bundle
HIV Test Kit
Lablab Beans
Literacy Class for 1 Adult
Necessary Tools
Nutrition Kit for Children
Packet of all 3
PB&J Training
Protective Clothing for Beekeepers
Sewing Machine
Shelter from the Storm - Int'l
Shelter from the Storm - N. Am.
Teaching Values to Adolescents
The Best Seller Bundle
The Farm Team
The Gap Special
The Whole Barnyard
Toddler Scale
Trafficking Prevention
Unmet Needs Assessment
VSL Training




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